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Our team of talented professionals are eager to hear from you! Experience, professionalism, and superior customer service are all qualities we look for in our team members; learn more about the CMS professionals working hard for you!

Clayton Hale

Clayton Hale

Clayton Hale has been in the recovery audit business for over 26 years. He began in the AP recovery business and formed a premier accounts payable recovery firm. With efforts by invaluable team members, over 1,600 payables and pricing audits were completed during its 26-year tenure. Under the leadership of Clayton, we have assembled industry experts in each of their respective fields. Each person plays an integral roll in our consulting process. The objective of Contract Management Strategies is to provide quality consultative services for our clients to assist in recovering lost dollars and in the prevention of losses in the future.

Jason White

Jason White

Jason White attained his BA in Business – Marketing from California State University, Fullerton. Jason joined the CMS team in 2004. By putting together vendor contact mailings and receiving statement responses, he is able to receive and identify claims for quick turnaround. With training in document management, he helps clients view, find and keep track of their important documents as well as helping to oversee the Scanning department. As a central link in the chain of workflow, Jason helps auditors track their clients’ progress with status updates from the corporate office while the auditors are on location.

Randy Daniel

Randy Daniel
Vice President Commercial Property Services

Randy Daniel joined the Contract Management Strategies team in 2009 to head up the growing division of special assessments analysis and recovery from property tax bills. That experience, along with a Masters degree from Xavier University and a California real estate broker’s license, equips Randy to analyze and recover the assessments overcharges for our clients. He fully understands our clients’ desire for higher profitability through the recovery of overcharges. His addition to the CMS team has brought an experienced business professional to interrelate with the myriad of commercial property owners who seek CMS’ valuable special assessments auditing services.

Lisa Lampe

Lisa Lohman
Auditor / Account Manager

Lisa Lohman began her career in the Accounts Payable recovery business fourteen years ago. She joined Contract Management Strategies in 2003 and her primary focus was in the recovery of duplicate payments, statement auditing and unclaimed property. With years of experience working in the industry, Lisa has formed invaluable working relationships with many key credit managers throughout the industry. She has also successfully recovered millions of dollars for many prominent grocery, retail and pharmaceutical companies, as well as State and Federal government entities. For the last year, Lisa has redirected her focus to the growing division within CMS of Special Assessment Recovery. She manages special assessment expenses for our commercial property accounts, including hotels, shopping centers, office buildings and many other types of properties. Lisa's knowledge and welcoming approach has contributed to securing millions of dollars in special assessment overpayments on property tax bills for her clients. This distinction has allowed her to build long-term relationships with our clients and has been essential to the development of our business.

Eric Fazekas

Eric Fazekas

Eric Fazekas has built his career in successful strategic management, business development and contract negotiations since 1987. From his early days, as a Marine Corps Aviation Technical Instructor, to his lifelong career of strategic contract negotiations in such areas Real Estate, Investments, and SEO, Eric seeks to bring maximum value to his clients in any area he can by quickly discovering the areas that need improving, making these areas known to the client, and offering the best possible solution that the market has to offer. Having extensive experience in both business-to-business and individual client relationships, Eric’s mission statement is simple: “Excellence, and Efficiency”, as both a professional standard, and, as a way of life.

Johnny Tonini

Johnny Tonini
Overpayment Analyst

Johnny Tonini joined the Contract Management Strategies, Inc. team as an overpayment analyst.

His strong financial background and accounting experience have made him a valuable asset to our clients, as well as a cornerstone of our company.

Johnny’s primarily focus is on recovering overpayments from vendors and assisting clients with cost-reduction, and will become an integral part in the expansion of our tax recovery division.

His leadership and dedication exemplifies the ideas and ethics that Contract Management Strategies, Inc. was founded on.

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