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Q. I am having my property value re-assessed with another firm. Will this special assessments audit interfere with that?

A. Our analysis and refund of any overcharges do not conflict with your property value analysis. We work directly with the public agencies who place their service charges on your tax bill.

Q. What are direct assessments?

A. Direct, or sometimes called special assessments, are service charges such as vector control, street lighting, flood control, sanitation, or sewer which are charged on your property tax bill.

Q. Why are these on my tax bill?

A. The tax bill is the vehicle used as a guaranteed means to collect these charges.

Q. I’m the property manager and I pay the taxes and then bill our tenants for their proportionate share of the property taxes. How does a refund benefit me then?

A. Obtaining a refund which you can pass on to your tenants would be a welcome windfall for them. It lowers the overall cost of their operation and may be justification for you to have higher rents into the future. Higher gross rents equals higher property value for your owner.

Q. What makes you think I have been overcharged?

A. Because some of these assessments are estimates, they can be inaccurate. CMS auditors can determine what these charges should be based upon numerous factors and if you have been overcharged. If so, we file a claim for refund on your behalf.

Q. So, how much does this cost? How does CMS get paid?

A. There are no up-front costs to you. We do not charge anything to conduct the audit of your property. We only get paid a percentage of any refund you receive.

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