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- From the controller for a chain of 5 hotels…

“ I am absolutely astounded that we have been being overcharged for these County assessments. The fact that CMS found these overcharges and recovered over $110,000 tells us that CMS will be a business partner for years to come. We are truly grateful to your staff for their efforts. Finding money like this in a down economy has really been a welcome surprise.”

- From the owner of a coin operated laundry…

“ Thank you so much CMS. I can’t believe this has happened. Getting a $5,000 unexpected assessments refund from the County because of CMS’ efforts has made my year.”

- From a restaurant owner…

“ Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it. I’ll be getting a check for $4600? I love you guys!

- From a controller of a large indoor arena…

“ That can’t be right. We will be getting a refund of $315,000? My boss is going to think I am a genius for finding CMS and getting this assessment refund. Just unbelievable!

- From an elderly lady who has owned a festival hall for 25 years…

“ I’m glad I was sitting down when I received my $25,000 assessments refund from the County. I am so upset that I have probably been overcharged all these years. Thank you so much CMS for making this right.”

- From the owner of a high-rise medical office building…

“ I deposited my checks from the County today. I am astounded. I received an assessments refund of almost $136,000! I can hardly believe this. Amazing work CMS. Thank you so much!”

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